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Mimesis: A Season in Hell > Blood on the Tracks > Je Te Connais Bien

Another mimesis, this one starting back in the 1800s with Arthur Rimbaud’s absolutely timeless, hallucinatory Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell). Teenage savant Arthur Rimbaud wrote this long poem in a delirium of fever and sickness after being shot … Continue reading

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Genre Fiction: Acid Western: The Devils That Have Come to Stay

The acid western is a sub-genre of the plain-old-western with a few important differences. While the regular and usually the “spaghetti” western views the journey to the west as self-actualization and the triumph of man over untamed wild and uncivilized … Continue reading

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Fanfic: How an Anti-Authoritarian Would’ve Ended Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother

Cory Doctorow’s novel Little Brother was just plain awesome. In it, a 17-year-old anti-authoritarian hacker named Marcus takes on the Department of Homeland Security after they enact a police state in San Francisco, post terrorist attack. However, in the end, … Continue reading

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