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65th Anniversary of Exercises in Style and Frederic Tuten’s “Beat”

I love OULIPO, the experimental literary group that had in its ranks such writers as Italo Calvino, which produced such works as A Void, a 300-page novel without the letter “e.” One of the crowning achievements of the OULIPO group … Continue reading

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Androgyny, Motorcycle Boots, and Sci-fi

Sci-fi is so gay. And I mean that literally. It’s queer in the sense that it imagines radically different ways of being and living. This freedom to explore worlds beyond this one offers the leeway to explore the different existing … Continue reading

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Time for Another Draft

A few months ago, I thought I was finished with my novel. I wrote my first draft, let it sit for a few months, filled in some blanks, and gave it another draft. I started sending it out to small … Continue reading

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