…And Then I Was Offered a Contract for my Novel

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, but I do so today with huge news. A few months ago, I sent my manuscript out again, this time to a group of independent presses. I decided, after a few months of interning at an independent press, that it might be a good idea for me, as a first time author, to try my luck somewhere other than agents and big houses. And a few weeks later, one of these presses wrote back saying they had read my partial, and wanted to see a full. Not long after that, the editorial director sent me a short, to the point email saying that they had read the full manuscript, loved it, and wanted to send a contract along for me to look at.

It took a little longer for me to get back to them. I read every blog post and article I could about negotiating a book contract, what to expect from a book contract, and things you should never give up when negotiating (one of the most helpful posts was superstar agent Janet Reid’s “Ten Things to Know if You Go Commando”) I reached out to the contacts I’ve made through interning in the publishing industry and gathered all the advice I could. I came back to them with a round of negotiations. We went through two more rounds before coming to an agreement that I think works for both of us.

I haven’t signed anything yet, but, long story short, it looks like by early 2015  I will have my first novel published!

I can hardly believe it. The day I was offered the contract was literally the first time I ever pinched myself to see if I was mid-dream.


About thebaffledkingcomposing

Pamela DiFrancesco is a writer with a community college degree in journalism, a fancy art school degree in fiction and a penchant for community organizing. A native of Pennsylvania coal country, Pamela lives in Astoria, Queens, writes, and does whatever else it takes to pay the bills. In the past, Pamela has worked for newspapers and taught children journalism in an after-school program. Pamela's fiction can be found on the web at Cezanne's Carrot and Monkeybicycle, in print in The Carolina Quarterly (who nominated "The Chuck Berry Tape Massacre" for the Best American Mystery Writing anthology) and forthcoming in The New Ohio Review. When not writing, Pamela practices acts of love and kindness in hopes of a radically different world, and is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse through acts of badassery.
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9 Responses to …And Then I Was Offered a Contract for my Novel

  1. Sheila says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been wondering about the independent press route. It does sound like it could be a good way to go these days.

    • I think there’s pros and cons. Of course, bigger houses have way more money and manpower to put behind your book’s marketing, and the advances are definitely bigger, but small presses can do pretty good things for your book, too. I still prefer the idea of traditional publishing to self-publishing. I know I can’t do the work of an editor, a pr person, a designer, and everything else all by myself!

  2. baltic4jim p says:

    excellent, good news!

  3. Lauren says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG Yay! So happy for you 😀

    — Lauren

  4. Deborah Harland says:

    Hello there
    I’ve been reading through your posts & have found the advice very useful… so thank you.
    I received a request from an agent for my full manuscript last week & have barely slept since!
    I know little of independent publishing and was just curious as to whether or not you signed the deal & how it’s all going.
    Congratulations on your success, it is the best feeling in the world when someone requests more of your work, I dare not dream how being published would feel…except of course I do…constantly!

    • Hi! Sorry to get back to this so late! That’s so exciting about the manuscript request! Have you heard back yet? And, yes, I signed the deal and my book was published last month. It’s been so great, I can hardly explain 🙂

      • vicladelle says:

        Ah that is so good to hear, congratulations on living the dream!
        In the last two or three weeks I have had full manuscript requests from London agents, but nothing to quite swing from the chandeliers has happened just yet.
        Although the celebratory dance has been executed four times at each request, my heart stops everytime the phone rings or I get a new email! Sleep is hopeless.
        Reading articles and success stories such as yours keeps me going that dreams come true and I am so happy for you…can only imagine how you must be feeling … pretty amazing!!
        Thanks again for great article & advice

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