New Book Store Coming to My Queens Neighborhood

I lived in Brooklyn for the better part of 10 years, from the time I arrived in the city until just a few years back. I loved Brooklyn for many reasons, but in the last few years, prices of living spaces has risen and my choices were either live an hour away from Manhattan or move to a new borough. I settled in Astoria, Queens nearly three years ago and love it. We’re three subway stops from Manhattan, and the neighborhood hosts endlessly delicious restaurants, amazing vintage stores, and more museums and parks than I ever made it to while living in Brooklyn. And now, the icing on the cake, a new independent bookstore!

The Astoria Bookshop is set to open in mid-August at 31-29 31st Street. They plan on hosting story hours for kids, author events, and writing workshops. You can find a great article about the founders and the desire for a cool space just like it here. Or you can folow them on Twitter @astoriabooks.

So excited! As if Astoria needed to be any cooler!

Astoria’s New Bookstore, Photo Courtesy of The Astoria Post


About thebaffledkingcomposing

Pamela DiFrancesco is a writer with a community college degree in journalism, a fancy art school degree in fiction and a penchant for community organizing. A native of Pennsylvania coal country, Pamela lives in Astoria, Queens, writes, and does whatever else it takes to pay the bills. In the past, Pamela has worked for newspapers and taught children journalism in an after-school program. Pamela's fiction can be found on the web at Cezanne's Carrot and Monkeybicycle, in print in The Carolina Quarterly (who nominated "The Chuck Berry Tape Massacre" for the Best American Mystery Writing anthology) and forthcoming in The New Ohio Review. When not writing, Pamela practices acts of love and kindness in hopes of a radically different world, and is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse through acts of badassery.
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2 Responses to New Book Store Coming to My Queens Neighborhood

  1. baltic4jim p says:

    i miss th e small bookstore. hallelujah!

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