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In Their Own Words

There’s something really special about hearing a writer read their own work. This is especially so when it doesn’t happen often, or when the writer is no longer with us, and there will be no more words. Today, I spent … Continue reading

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Top 5 Thrifting Finds

People like Top 5 and 10 lists, right? Of course they do! And I like thrifting. I’ve been an avid thrifter since I was a teenager. Some of my most prized possessions are other people’s garbage. I love Salvation Army … Continue reading

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Final Drafts, and Proofs, and PR Agents, Oh My!

For years, I thought publication would be the ultimate goal. That once that happened, things would line up perfectly for me as a writer–literary agents and PR agents and interviews and book signings would fall out the sky, waiting for … Continue reading

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