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Pamela DiFrancesco is a writer with a community college degree in journalism, a fancy art school degree in fiction and a penchant for community organizing. A native of Pennsylvania coal country, Pamela lives in Astoria, Queens, writes, and does whatever else it takes to pay the bills. In the past, Pamela has worked for newspapers and taught children journalism in an after-school program. Pamela's fiction can be found on the web at Cezanne's Carrot and Monkeybicycle, in print in The Carolina Quarterly (who nominated "The Chuck Berry Tape Massacre" for the Best American Mystery Writing anthology) and forthcoming in The New Ohio Review. When not writing, Pamela practices acts of love and kindness in hopes of a radically different world, and is preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse through acts of badassery.

Roundup of February Blog Tour Interviews and Reviews for The Devils That Have Come to Stay

It’s been such an exciting month! I released my first novel into the world on February 2nd, I launched it at The Bureau of General Services — Queer Division on February 13th (pictures to come!), and I’ve been all over … Continue reading

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Review of The Devils That Have Come to Stay on Small Press Picks

Today, the first review of my book, The Devils That Have Come to Stay, went up on Small Press Picks, a great site that focuses on books from small and micro publishers. Beth Castrodale calls my book “starkly beautiful, poetic.” … Continue reading

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Some questions have no answers, and until they do we wonder about them. Why do cats purr? How do magnets work? Why is yawning contagious? Then there are the questions that we used to wonder about, to search out answers … Continue reading

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Music Project

It’s kind of awesome being in a relationship with another artist most days — we “get” each other in ways that non-artist partners haven’t in the past, we are both more about pursuing careers that are more callings and passions … Continue reading

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Acid Western Resurgence?

I think anyone who reads this blog is pretty aware of how enamored I am with Acid Westerns. So enamored that I wrote my own, which is coming out in about a month (!). But it turns out mine is … Continue reading

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Add Holiday Cheer with East Village Night Shift Egg Nog, circa 2001

You know that Tom Waits song “Christmas Cards from A Hooker in Minneapolis”? Well, if I could rewrite that song, it would be called “Christmas Cards from a Server in the East Village in ’01,” and it would be about … Continue reading

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Annotated Advance Reader’s Copies Contest

It’s t-minus 71 days until my book is released and I’m doing a special give away on Goodreads. I’m putting a bunch of time an effort into annotating three copies of my proof. I’m adding notes about my writing process, … Continue reading

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